what’s with today, today?

yesterday was just one of those days, people. it was 90 degrees and beautiful outside, yet i spent it shooting an episode inside a new jersey wal-mart. all day i longed for the peace, quiet and coziness of my bed, yet i didn’t make it there until way later than i had hoped.

HOWEVER, walking home with nb, stopping at a truck to share a pork taco before cooking up a vinegar-y pasta salad with fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, spicy pepperoni, broccoli and peppers (LORD i need to go the gym more often), was totally worth getting stranded on the roof (yeah. seriously.) for 40 minutes while the water boiled downstairs.

at least we got to stop and appreciate the view. oh, new york. the power of you renders me crippled, speechless and filled with pride every single time.

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