a bounce in my step

my playlist of the moment (not very groundbreaking, no, but happy and light and airy, yes):

mgmt, congratulations. (whole album. love ‘someone’s missing.’)

dr. dog, fate. (whole album. happy, happy, happy. bri told me about this band recently, and i can’t get enough. keep listening to ‘hang on.’)

vampire weekend, contra. (whole album. shout out, ak!)

passion pit, manners. (whole album. in anticipation of june 29 concert at prospect park. see pic above. ahhhhhh.)

van morrison, moondance. (whole album. always, always, especially when spring returns. especially, natch, ‘and it stoned me.’)

band of horses, cease to begin. (whole album. i like ‘the general specific’ and ‘i go to the barn because i like the.’ just parfait for listening to en route to work.)

the band. (always. listen to ‘rockin’ chair’ and tell me your heart doesn’t soar with bittersweet aching.)

grateful dead. (thanks, bri. ‘jack straw.’ enough said.)

notorious b.i.g, juicy. (official summer anthem of the late 90s. it was all a dream, yo.)

…aaand i’m going to cut myself off here before i venture into every artist out there that makes me extra happy when the sun is shining.

happy sunny tuesday, y’all!

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