it’s friday…

…and it is raining, and all i want to do is be sitting on my couch, in sweatpants, with a delicious movie on, and munching on these:

(lemonheads always have been, and always will be, my favorite candy. when i was a young gal growing up in the woods of new hampshire, there was this little country store not too far from my house. this little country store had every kind of amazing candy you could think of. therefore, it was OBVIOUSLY our sole pursuit in life to finagle a dollar or so from our parents and to use said dollar to fill up little brown paper bags with all sorts of candy: swedish fish, sour patch kids, jolly ranchers, sixlets, fun dip, giant pixie stix and, yes, lemonheads. it was pure bliss, let me tell you. … it also explains my subsequent long and complicated relationship with my dentist.)

oh and this pic was snatched from terry richardson’s highly addictive blog.

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