mermaid oyster bar. la la la.

last night bri and i grabbed dins at this lovely, new england-y establishment. highly recommended. i loved it not only BECAUSE it was so new england-y (the whitewashed clapboard walls positively sang to my homesick heart), but because the food and drink were redonk. first up, cocktails: bri ordered the hot n’ dirty (um), which was vodka, hot sauce and olives, and tasted like the ocean, while i got the captain lawrence freshchester pale ale, which was so perfect with the salty seafood i HAD to have three in a row. then, food: we ordered a ton of oysters from the raw bar (the wellfleet were our fave), a gruyere-y lobster bisque, a heaping bowl of steamers, three overstuffed fish tacos and fresh swordfish from cape may. yes, we ate it all, save for one fish taco. as if the meal wasn’t bliss enough, the check was served with a little mug of chocolate pudding & whipped creme (the restaurant doesn’t offer a dessert menu) AND a fortune fish, which brian and i promptly put on our hands and grinned at each other when both of our fish immediately curled up on either end, signifying passionate love. (i’m pretty sure the fish always do this, as a rule, but… whatevs.)

afterwards we gave our extra fish taco to a homeless dude on the street and then waddled home, calling it a night. a very good night.

mermaid oyster bar: 79 macdougal, (212) 260-0100. during the week, before 7pm, they have $1 oysters at the bar, as well as a blue plate special, which includes the grilled trout and acoutrements AND a pint of beer or glass o’ vino for $20.

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