i love the notebook

as much as the next person (if that person also happens to watch it every time they are drunk and alone), but i have never been a fan of rachel mcadam’s fashion choices. (pink hair? uh, no. not on her, anyway. although she did once have everyone beat for best accessory ever: ryan gosling. sigh. RIP, noah & ally.) however, this all said, i loooved her oscars ensemble. and i didn’t/don’t really love or care about anyone’s oscar ensemble. but i thought she truly nailed it sunday night. her look was just so fresh, so new feeling: the un-fussy bun, the minimal makeup, the glowy skin, all paired with massive earrings and a breathtaking swirl of an elie saab gown. mmm.

and with that, ladies and gentlemen, i have found my official Look for Wedding Season 2010. (which, btw, kicks off in just a few short weeks with chris & colleen’s nyc-meets-aussie wedding.)

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