almost famous

we, my friends, are the movers and the shakers. the doers and saviors and the ones who make it happen. we’re climbing with ferocity towards the top to meet our dreams and you never see us, but we’re there and we’re doing it.

actually, sometimes you do see us. a shoulder here, a face there — sometimes a whole person!

AK's shoulder

Paul Warner/WireImage

AK’s printed silk-covered shoulder at Lorick S/S 2010, bottom left.

Olivier Zahm/Purple Diary

NB’s breezy summer look, strolling in artist Aurel’s rear spoke.

Michael Priest/Hamptons Magazine

(Newly-engaged! Woo!) Lindsey’s adorable face behind Justin Timberlake and men.

Gary Gershoff/WireImage

AK, 3rd row at ports 1961, next to the bearded dude. note to self: close mouth in public.

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