high school, reimagined

maybe it’s chris benz’s so-called inspiration that got me. according to an interview with style.com, he was inspired by those “bad girls I knew in high school. The ones who got sent away to wilderness camp. This is what I imagine them wearing.”

bad girls. i LOVE that. probably since i was thisclose to being one of those girls who got sent away; for awhile there (oh, freshman and sophomore year), my parents just didn’t know what to do with me. and, in retrospect, i don’t blame them. nor, however, do i blame myself–those crazy years are what made me me, and i wouldn’t change a thing. except for my sartorial choices, which i wish were closer to those in chris benz’s imagination, rather than the oversized khakis and plaid buttondowns under huge sweaters that were my actual reality.

(chris benz fall 2010, from style.com. and sorry for using the word ‘sartorial’. i, too, find it an obnoxious word but it was the best fit in this case.)

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