thirty seconds in my brain

today is a weird and emotional day for me.

one of my best friends got engaged, the unbelievably talented alexander mcqueen passed away, there was an explosion two blocks from my office.

these obviously have different levels of significance as

1. i am ECSTATIC for my pal danielle, whom i’ve known and loved since we first got smashed together off keystone lights our freshman year of high school at her brother’s beach house. her and darrell have been together a long, long time, and just simply complement one another. one thing danielle loves almost as much as she loves darrell is attention (which i’m allowed to say, bc i am also a leo and therefore the same way). so to picture how deliriously happy she must have been to have him get down on one knee, all for his love for HER… well, that makes ME so happy.

2. i am extremely sad and just kind of disappointed about alexander mcqueen. not in the jumping-on-the-sad-fashionista bandwagon kind of way, but in a he-genuinely-had-a-unique-vision-and-was-an-individual-in-an-industry-of-unimaginative-lemmings kind of way. in a it’s-horrible-that-he-was-going-through-so-much-inner-angst-that-he-took-his-own-life way. that, and the fact that when i studied abroad in london and interned at tatler, i worked directly with isabella blow, the legendary fashion editor/ pioneer who, among many other things, ‘discovered’ mcqueen, and often referred to him and spoke to him in my presence, and who also, three years ago, ended her life. just brings a lot back, and makes me feel so sad that anyone thinks taking their own life is the only solution.

3. the fire: a radio shack blew up on 20th and 6th. (across the street from ak’s office, two blocks away from mine.) no one is hurt, it’s just like, WTF, world?

anywho. thanks for listening. (and yes, the pic above is an ACTUAL picture of the radio shack explosion. )