another kaiser family vacation story

well, thousands of loyal readers, the kaisers went on a family vacation again. i mean, it didn’t quite hold a candle to the Great Violent Amalfi Coast Situation of 2005, but it wasn’t without event.

we were set to depart from new york to playa del carmen (by way of philadelphia) on december 20, which, as you may recall, was the day the northeast got hit with THE BIGGEST SNOWSTORM SINCE 1909 (YAY!). basically, in an effort to thwart the inevitable demise of our embarkation, the following events occurred: i received instructions to take a taxi to penn station at 4pm on december 19, only to make it half way there and receive another phone call to abort mission. back at my apartment drinking wine as a preemptive coping move, i was told to meet the family at the amtrack station so we could stay overnight in philly and skip the first leg of our flight. met kaisers at 6, delayed until 745, arrive in philly at 10 after various delays. have airport hotel dinner, family in good spirits until after dinner mom finds out AM flight is canceled. cry ourselves to sleep crammed in one room. arrive at airport at 8am, fresh-faced and hopeful. wait on line after line until granted standby seats on a 1pm flight! YAY! run, home alone-style, through the terminals only to be told the plane hath departed 45 minutes ago. suicidal thoughts. drown sorrows in beer and cheesesteak. get confirmed on 7pm flight! YAY! read entire book. board plane at 11pm. take off at 1130. land in COLD & RAINY mexico at 3am. arrive at hotel at 4am, slam a family tequila shot, and go to bed. wake up to MORE RAIN. more suicidal thoughts…

until DAY TWO! SUNSHINE erases completely the last 48 hours and mom, dad, ariel and ian spend 5 glorious, relaxing, sandy, ocean-y, cerveza-soaked, fish taco-filled days and 5 balmy, tequila-soaked, mariachi-blaring, breezy nights together having the best time ever. god, i love my family. and mexican jumping photos.

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