sunday night. bah.

ok, it’s not so much the sunday night part of life as much that’s bah-ing me as it is the dull fact that we are just setting off on the first of many dark, icy, undiscernable day-to-days of flat-out winter. yes, i have a lot of fun things to look forward to, and great friends to do these fun things with, i just… bah. i would just rather it be SUMMER and me doing all these things.
in any case, i’ve decided to be proactive and down pacificos by the six pack so i can pretend that it is actually one of those balmy sunday nights of summer, those lazy and late nights when you really WOULD be drinking a pacifico and the window is open and you can hear people laughing on the street and the fact that you have to work the next morning seems hardly a threat at all.

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