i’ve been a bad blogger.

i know this. but hey, i had a busy december (84,000 christmas parties and events), then i was marooned in nashville for four days after a blizzard shutdown the northeast, then i was in good ol’ massachusetts with the fam for a full week, and then came back to my lovely nyc in time for new years and a couple of fun houseguests. now here i am, suddenly back at work and wondering where the H the past month and a half went. but, my pals, i am back. stay tuned. 2010 looks (knock on wood) to be a good one. (hear that, kaisy poo?)

(this, i also know, is a crappy picture BUT it is one of the few i have of the past few mayhem-ish weeks. this particular shot is the marooned nashville crew, at a tiny hole-in-the-wall southern breakfast joint where the service was slow and the food incredible.)

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