tell me it ain’t so

i noticed it last night whilst BBQing with ol’ B on my roof. we lit the grill at about 6:30 or so. early, right? plenty of sunny evening left. so imagine my surprise when i looked up a mere 45 minutes later and saw the sky looking like this:


utterly beautiful? yes.

not-okay-because-we-are-talking-a-SUNSET-in-AUGUST-at-7:15pm? yes.

what’s next? awaking to a brisk, fall-like morning and throwing on a light coat? oh, wait. that happened already. this morning.

sigh. we’ve said it before (very recently, in fact) and we will say it again:

summer? don’t go. we just aren’t ready to give up the cool breeze, the flip flops, the denim cutoffs, the no-makeup-necessary look, the beachy free flowin’ hair, the tan-that-makes-us-look-skinnier-than-we-are, the beach, the BBQs, burgers, PBRs, sand, the late easy nights….

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