but oh, those su-ummer nights…

last night it was so mind-erasingly hot, that any sane person’s solution would be to sprawl out in front of the TV in an air-conditioned living room, get one’s $11 worth at a summer blockbuster, or sit on the edge of the tub with one’s feet immersed in ice-cold water, drinking glass after glass of chilled rose.


not us. we decided that in a just few month’s time we’d be BEGGING for late august sultry summer nights, and so we threw together the above feast of cubed watermelon with feta and cracked black pepper, cold cucumber slices with herbed goat cheese and bites of sopressata, and generous glasses of cold sauvignon blanc with club soda toppers and a handful of ice cubes. ay, dios mio! it was PERFECT.

dear summer,

don’t go.

love, ak & nb.

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